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PLA-A.jpg (137151 bytes)

PLA-A Brown Face 4-1/2 in  High  X  3-1/4 in  Wide discontinued

PLA-B.jpg (143879 bytes)

PLA-B Brown Face 4 in High X  2-7/8 in  Wide discontinued

PLA-C.jpg (143365 bytes)

PLA-C Brown Face 3-3/4 in High X  2-1/2 in  Wide discontinued

PLA-D.jpg (148088 bytes)

PLA-D Brown Face 3 in High X  2-1/8 in  Wide discontinued

PLA-E.jpg (143212 bytes)

PLA-E White Face 4-5/8 in High X  3-1/4in  Wide discontinued

PLA-F.jpg (148696 bytes)

PLA-F Face and Hands 4-1/4 in High X  3-1/4 in  Wide $    1.99

PLA-G.jpg (139427 bytes)

PLA-G Face 4 in High X  2-7/8 in  Wide discontinued

PLA-H.jpg (152839 bytes)

PLA-H Face 3 1/4 in High X  2-1/4 in  Wide discontinued

PLA-I.jpg (145240 bytes)

PLA-I Face 3 in High X  2-1/4 in  Wide $     .99

PLA-J.jpg (148940 bytes)

PLA-J Face 3 in High X  2 in  Wide discontinued

PLA-K.jpg (141669 bytes)

PLA-K Santa Face 3 in High X  2-1/4 in  Wide discontinued

PLA-L.jpg (153006 bytes)

PLA-L Santa Face 2-3/4 in High X  2 in  Wide discontinued

PLA-M.jpg (152415 bytes)

PLA-M Santa Face 2-3/4 in High X  2-1/4 in  Wide discontinued

PLA-N.jpg (157029 bytes)

PLA-N Santa Face 2 in High X  1-1/2 in  Wide discontinued

PLA-O.jpg (150625 bytes)

PLA-O Mrs. Santa 2-3/4 in High X 2 in  Wide discontinued

PLA-P.jpg (148115 bytes)

PLA-P Black Angel with Hands $   1.19

PLA-Q.jpg (148420 bytes)

PLA-Q Brown Doll Head 2 3/4 in $   1.39

PLA-R.jpg (140077 bytes)

PLA-R Brown Doll Head 2 1/4 in $   1.19

Pla-s.jpg (14280 bytes)

PLA-S Doll Head 2in Long Black hair  $  1.19

Pla-s1.jpg (15370 bytes)

PLA-S1 Doll Head 2in Long Brown hair $   1.19
  PLA-S2 Doll Head 2in Long Blonde hair $   1.19

Pla-t.jpg (14593 bytes)

PLA-T Doll Head 2in Ponytail Black hair $   1.19

Pla-u.jpg (13020 bytes)

PLA-U Doll Head 2in Tete De La Poupee Black hair $ 1.19

Pla-u1.jpg (14152 bytes)

PLA-U1 Doll Head 2in Tete 2in De La Poupee Brown hair $  1.19

Pla-u2.jpg (14020 bytes)

PLA-U2 Doll Head 2in Tete 2in De La Poupee Blonde hair  $   1.19

Pla-v.jpg (14680 bytes)

PLA-V Doll Head 3-1/2in w/hands bright yellow hair  discontinued

Pla-v1.jpg (13221 bytes)

PLA-V1 Doll Head 4-1/2 w/hands bright yellow hair discontinued

Pla-w.jpg (13999 bytes)

PLA-W Doll Head 3-1/2in w/hands yellow hair discontinued

Pla-w1.jpg (12927 bytes)

PLA-W1 Doll Head 4-1/2in w/hands yellow hair discontinued

Pla-x.jpg (14415 bytes)

PLA-X Doll Head 3-1/2in w/hands rust hair discontinued

Pla-x1.jpg (12817 bytes)

PLA-X1 Doll Head 4-1/2 w/hands rust hair discontinued

Pla-y.jpg (11931 bytes)

PLA-Y Doll Head 3-1/2 w/hands white hair discontinued

Pla-y1.jpg (12166 bytes)

PLA-Y1 Doll Head 4-1/2in w/hands white hair discontinued

Pla-z.jpg (12722 bytes)

PLA-Z Doll Head 3-1/2in w/hands blue hair discontinued

Pla-z1.jpg (12513 bytes)

PLA-Z1 Doll Head 4-1/2in w/hands blue hair discontinued
  PLA-AA Doll Head 3-1/2in w/hands black hair discontinued

Pla-aa1.jpg (12739 bytes)

PLA-AA1 Doll Head 4-1/2in w/hands black hair discontinued

Pla-ab.jpg (14091 bytes)

PLA-AB Doll Head 3-1/2in w/hands brown hair discontinued

Pla-ab1.jpg (14746 bytes)

PLA-AB1 Doll Head 4-1/2in w/hands brown hair discontinued

Pla-ac.jpg (13280 bytes)

PLA-AC Doll Head 3-1/2in w/hands lavender hair discontinued

Pla-ac1.jpg (13271 bytes)

PLA-AC1 Doll Head 4-1/2in w/hands lavender hair

Pla-ad.jpg (13308 bytes)

PLA-AD Doll Head 3-1/2in w/hands pink hair discontinued

Pla-ad1.jpg (12953 bytes)

PLA-AD1 Doll Head 4-1/2in w/hands pink hair discontinued

Pla-ae.jpg (13620 bytes)

PLA-AE Doll Head 3-1/2in w/hands red hair discontinued


PLA-AE1 Doll Head 4-1/2in w/hands red hair discontinued

Pla-af.jpg (13677 bytes)

PLA-AF Doll Head brown skin 3-1/2in w/hands discontinued

Pla-af1.jpg (12532 bytes)

PLA-AF1 Doll Head  brown skin 4-1/2in w/hands discontinued

Pla-ag.jpg (12028 bytes)

PLA-AG Doll Head kissing $  2.99

Pla-ah.jpg (12066 bytes)

PLA-AH Bunny Head $  1.19

Pla-ai.jpg (11780 bytes)

PLA-AI Doll Head 1-1/2in blonde hair $  1.19

Pla-ai1.jpg (14514 bytes)

PLA-AI1 Doll Head 1-1/2in curly brown hair $  1.19

Pla-ai2.jpg (13664 bytes)

PLA-AI2 Brown Doll Head 1-1/2in curly black hair  discontinued

Pla-aj.jpg (11450 bytes)

PLA-AJ Scare Crow Head Halloween $  .59

Pla-ak.jpg (11810 bytes)

PLA-AK Witch Head Halloween $  .59

Pla-al.jpg (13536 bytes)

PLA-AL Doll Head 1in Ponytail blonde hair $ 1 .09

Pla-al1.jpg (13736 bytes)

PLA-AL1 Doll Head 1in Ponytail black hair discontinued

Pla-al2.jpg (14581 bytes)

PLA-AL2 Doll Head 1in Ponytail brown hair discontinued

Pla-al3.jpg (15004 bytes)

PLA-AL3 Doll Head 1in Ponytail red hair discontinued

Pla-am.jpg (13802 bytes)

PLA-AM Doll Head 1in black hair $1.09

Pla-am1.jpg (14356 bytes)

PLA-AM1 Doll Head 1in blonde hair $ 1.09

Pla-am2.jpg (14647 bytes)

PLA-AM2 Doll Head 1in brown hair $ 1.09

Pla-am3.jpg (14420 bytes)

PLA-AM3 Doll Head 1in gray hair discontinued

Pla-am4.jpg (15018 bytes)

PLA-AM4 Doll Head 1in red hair $1.09

Pla-am5.jpg (15040 bytes)

PLA-AM5 Black Doll Head 1in black hair  $ 1.09

Pla-an.jpg (15221 bytes)

PLA-AN Clown Head 6in blonde hair discontinued

Pla-an1.jpg (16831 bytes)

PLA-AN1 Clown Head 6in brown hair discontinued

Pla-ao.jpg (15874 bytes)

PLA-AO Clown Head 6in blnade hair discontinued

Pla-ao1.jpg (14539 bytes)

PLA-AO1 Clown Head 6in brown hair discontinued

Pla-ao2.jpg (15424 bytes)

PLA-AO2 Clown Head 6in orange hair discontinued

Pla-ap.jpg (14156 bytes)

PLA-AP Hobo Clown w/Hat Head 5-1/2in $  6.99

Pla-aq.jpg (14553 bytes)

PLA-AQ Clown Head 3-1/2in blonde hair discontinued

Pla-aq1.jpg (16041 bytes)

PLA-AQ1 Clown Head 3-1/2in brown hair discontinued

Pla-ar.jpg (15901 bytes)

PLA-AR Clown Head 2-3/4in blonde hair discontinued

Pla-ar1.jpg (17167 bytes)

PLA-AR1 Clown Head 2-1/3in brown hair discontinued

Pla-ar2.jpg (17555 bytes)

PLA-AR2 Clown Head 2-3/4in orange hair Discontinued
$  1.19

Pla-as.jpg (17988 bytes)

PLA-AS Hobo Clown w/red Hat Head 2-1/2in discontinued

Pla-at.jpg (15573 bytes)

PLA-AT Hobo Clown w/bald head sad 2-3/4in discontinued
  PLA-AT1 Hobo Clown w/bald head sad 4-7/8in discontinued

Pla-au.jpg (14554 bytes)

PLA-AU Hobo Clown w/bald head happy 3-1/2in discontinued

Pla-av.jpg (13745 bytes)

PLA-AV Brown Bear Head 3in $  .99

PLA-AW.jpg (10812 bytes)

PLA-AW Cat Air Freshener 5-1/4in tall discontinued

PLA-AX.jpg (10128 bytes)

PLA-AX Pig Air Freshener 5-1/4in tall discontinued

PLA-AY.jpg (11443 bytes)

PLA-AY Cow Air Freshener 5-1/4in Tall discontinued

PLA-AZ.jpg (10313 bytes)

PLA-AZ White Bunny Air Freshener 8-3/4in Tall discontinued

PLA-BA.jpg (10188 bytes)

PLA-BA Rabbit Air Freshener 8-3/4in Tall discontinued

PLA-BB.jpg (10697 bytes)

PLA-BB Air Freshener Doll 5-1/2in Tall $  2.49

PLA-BC.jpg (10667 bytes)

PLA-BC Brown Air Freshener Doll 5-1/2in Tall discontinued

PLA-BD.jpg (11975 bytes)

PLA-BD Air Freshener Doll 5-3/4in Tall discontinued

PLA-BE.jpg (11482 bytes)

PLA-BE Air Freshener Santa Doll 5-1/2in Tall $  2.99

PLA-BF.jpg (9542 bytes)

PLA-BF Air Freshener Reindeer Doll 6-1/2in Tall discontinued

PLA-BG.jpg (9146 bytes)

PLA-BG Air Freshener Witch Doll 5-1/2in Tall discontinued

PLA-BH.jpg (9176 bytes)

PLA-BH Air Freshener Baby Doll 5-1/2in Tall discontinued

PLA-BI.jpg (9083 bytes)

PLA-BI Air Freshener Granny Doll 5-1/2in Tall discontinued

PLA-BJ.jpg (9956 bytes)

PLA-BJ Air Freshener Mrs. Santa Doll 5-1/2in Tall discontinued

PLA-BK.jpg (10222 bytes)

PLA-BK Air Freshener Elf Doll 5-1/2in Tall discontinued



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