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Craft fair was a great success the weather was outstanding
I would like to thank all the Venders and Customers that made It happen .


For any questions

please call, fax or e-mail


Craft King 262-781-9660 Fax 262-373-0354

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High Quality Plastic Beads


SILVER-A.jpg (26672 bytes)

SILVER-A 2.5mm 15in STRAND $ .89

SILVER-B.jpg (25804 bytes)

SILVER-B 2.5mm 60in STRAND $2.89

SILVER-C.jpg (28497 bytes)

SILVER-C 3mm 15in STRAND $ .89

SILVER-D.jpg (27848 bytes)

SILVER-D 3mm 60in STRAND $2.59

SILVER-E.jpg (28562 bytes)

SILVER-E 3.5mm 15in STRAND $ .89

SILVER-F.jpg (29106 bytes)

SILVER-F 3.5 mm 60in STRAND $2.69

SILVER-G.jpg (29582 bytes)

SILVER-G 4mm 15in STRAND $ .89

SILVER-H.jpg (31800 bytes)

SILVER-H 4mm 60in STRAND $2.89

SILVER-I.jpg (31196 bytes)

SILVER-I 5mm 30in STRAND $2.39
5mm 60in STRAND $3.99

SILVER-J.jpg (29500 bytes)

SILVER-J 6mm 30in STRAND $2.49

SILVER-K.jpg (29726 bytes)

SILVER-K 6mm 60in STRAND $4.49

SILVER-L.jpg (26441 bytes)

SILVER-L 8mm 15in STRAND $1.49

SILVER-M.jpg (27645 bytes)

SILVER-M 8mm 30in STRAND $2.69

SILVER-N.jpg (27649 bytes)

SILVER-N 8mm 60in STRAND $5.19

SILVER-O.jpg (25690 bytes)

SILVER-O 10mm 15in STRAND $2.99

SILVER-P.jpg (25093 bytes)

SILVER-P 12mm 15in STRAND $2.99

SILVER-Q.jpg (17543 bytes)

SILVER-Q 14mm 1pc $ .19
14mm 15in STRAND $3.99

SILVER-R.jpg (17307 bytes)

SILVER-R 16mm 1pc $ .19
16mm 15in STRAND $4.99

SILVER-S.jpg (18109 bytes)

SILVER-S 18mm 1pc $ .29
18mm 15in STRAND $5.49 

SILVER-T.jpg (24672 bytes)

SILVER-T 3mm X 6mm OAT 15in STRAND $ .89

SILVER-U.jpg (24080 bytes)

SILVER-U 3mm X 6mm OAT 60in STRAND $ 2.99

SILVER-V.jpg (26325 bytes)

SILVER-V 4mm X 8mm OAT 15in STRAND $ .89

SILVER-W.jpg (25827 bytes)

SILVER-W 4mm X 8mm OAT 60in STRAND $2.99

SILVER-X.jpg (25682 bytes)

SILVER-X 4mm X 8mm OAT 30in STRAND $1.89

SILVER-Y.jpg (25739 bytes)

SILVER-Y 4mm X 8mm OUT 60in STRAND $3.49


Order-Craft King


Craft King

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